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unifi 800mbps

Why choose fiber and for what use?

You may be confused by the many terminologies associated with Very High Speed ​​Internet connections. Today, Options Telecom takes stock of Optical fiber: Why choose an optical fiber? What is best suited to your environment, your activity and your business organization?

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FTTO (Fiber To The Office) dedicated optical fiber, the assurance of a dedicated and guaranteed Very High Speed!

Particularly suitable for businesses, this fiber offers stable connectivity at guaranteed speed, essential for intense and regular activity. Deployed from the connection node to the computer rack, it provides speed for the exclusive use of the eligible company.

Its stable and symmetrical flow favors:

  • Outsourced backups and work on remote servers
  • Remote work (VPN) and video conferencing
  • Downloading and sending large files
  • It comes with a GTR (Recovery Time Guarantee) in the event of a service interruption. This fiber is particularly suited to VoIP and allows voice and data to be shared.
  • Offer your company flexibility, security and quality of service!

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) pooled optical fiber, Very High Speed ​​at a controlled cost!

Recommended for professionals who need Very High Speed ​​on a low budget, this fiber is suitable for connectivity needs that are not critical and that do not seek a guaranteed speed or recovery time.

The deployment of this fiber is carried out from the connection node to the central point: the eligibility address.

The flow is thus shared between all the subscribers of the tree, allowing them:

  • Intense browsing on the net
  • Mail retrieval
  • Downloading heavy files

Choose the compromise adapted to your activity with unifi 800mbps !

Your regional partner, Options Telecom, will advise you in choosing the most suitable installation by carrying out a precise diagnosis of your uses.

With the ambition to always satisfy you, our dedicated customer service is committed to being your single point of contact, guaranteeing you tailor-made support and responsiveness.