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TV Shows And Movies To Watch During The Lockdown

We are all trying our best to stay at home, occupying ourselves so we do not need to or feel the urge to go out. But the thing is, there’s only so much we can do at home when we’ve been cooped for a while. Some people have picked up new hobbies like cookie, painting or crocheting. Some other people learnt how to make money while staying at home like being small business owners and selling stuff online. Nonetheless, it will get boring or too repetitive. Thus, we need other ways to distract ourselves while we fight the urge to go out and risk another outbreak.

For instance, you could try spring cleaning your whole house bit by bit. You could also try crafting things out of clay or resin which has become quite popular nowadays. Point is, you have to stay at home unless it’s for necessities or emergencies. Especially when you live in a place like Banting. Even though Banting is a great town in Selangor, Malaysia, you could easily run out of things to do. One of the best things you can do at home over a long period of time is binging TV shows or movies to distract yourself. If you don’t know which ones to watch, here are a few good ones:

Rick And Morty

Who says cartoons are not for adults? Rick and Morty is an animated TV show that revolves around the crazy adventures of Morty and his grandfather, Rick. Their clashing personalities and quirky relationship make it enjoyable for people to watch. But this show does include a lot of gory scenes or sometimes have more adult-type content so make sure anyone watching with you is above the age of 18. It has family-type qualities but it’s not really an all-age suitable show. Nonetheless, the journeys that Rick and Morty bring you on are worth watching.


euphoria season2 - TV Shows And Movies To Watch During The Lockdown

Euphoria is a short TV series and it has some heavy content. What I mean by heavy content is that they portray mental illnesses, drug abuse, toxic personalities and every other struggle a teenager would go through, thus, it can be a little heavy for some people. But that’s what makes it good. They did what other TV shows are sort of afraid to do and they did it pretty well. Their aesthetics, cinematography and their soundtrack are all amazing and complement each other, contributing to how good of a show it is. Disclaimer, you will cry. 

About Time

About Time is an amazing and magical movie. Mainly a romance movie with a hint of fantasy. It seems like a normal coming of age movie at first but it’s also a movie about time-travelling. However, the whole movie does not centre around that, rather, it has a deeper meaning. It’s true how people say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’m sure you’d see that this movie is more than just a magical romance movie. Disclaimer for this one too, you will cry.