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UNIFI Internet with All Its Glory

Although it is not mandatory, be aware that there is a digital performance diagnostic. It is presented as the energy performance diagnosis (DPE), in the form of letters going from A to F. The DPN, appended to your technical diagnosis file, provides reliable, precise and independent information to buyers or tenants on the internet coverage of your accommodation. This document also allows you to measure the quality of your telephone reception; you will know precisely the coverage piece by piece according to the different operators. Finally, you will be informed of the various digital access networks to which your property is eligible (fiber, ADSL, cable?) as well as the list of access providers in your area. You can browse here for the best internet service provider.

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Have a DPN done by our allo-diagnostic partner

Note: if you are selling in a rural area, this diagnosis is particularly recommended because it will reassure your potential buyers not only on the current state of the connection of the property but above all on its eligibility for fiber, cable or electricity.

What if your internet connection is not good?

Don’t panic, there are simple solutions to significantly improve the digital performance of a home.

Start by learning about the best performing operator in your industry; if it’s not the one you chose when you arrived, why not consider changing? In other words, if the Orange terminal is closer to your home than that of Bouygues (your current operator), simply change operator, this can radically improve the performance of your connection.

In addition, all access providers like TM UNIFI offer a test to find out whether a home is eligible or not for fiber. If so, report it to your visitors and potential buyers. They will thus have the certainty of being able to benefit from high-performance internet access in the short term. It will weigh in the balance.

Last Words

Finally, if your box is old, or your computer equipment is a little obsolete, know that the quality of your home connection can be affected. Start by changing your box for the latest model available from your access provider. This operation is free and your internet speed will be mechanically improved.