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Let’s Calculate The Price Of A Light Steel Roof

Currently, the use of lightweight steel roofing materials in our houses is increasingly in demand by many people. The use of wood materials for roofs has recently begun to be abandoned and chooses lightweight steel materials to make the roof frame. Cheap lightweight steel materials make the price of lightweight steel roofs themselves quite cheap compared to other materials.

Mild steel material is made of carbon and iron (carbon steel) and is thinner and lighter than conventional steel. Even though it is light, mild steel is so sturdy when it is assembled the durability of mild steel is so strong because it doesn’t rust easily even during extreme weather. It is inversely proportional to wood material which, although strong and much more robust, is easily brittle so it is less durable.

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The Beginning Of The Light Steel Roof

Initially, steel was discovered by Europeans who tried to use iron as a base material to make other metals. The iron will be smelted and given a mixture of other metals which will produce steel. 

Overview of Lightweight Steel Roofs

Before using mild steel as the main material, the main thing that must be considered is to discuss it with a professional. They will design and present the picture in two or three dimensions and consider all the expenses and purchases of other materials in installing the bumbung besi.

Mild steel has an average thickness of 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm so that it is much easier to work on the roof frame. Usually, the thickness of the mild steel roof truss ranges from 0.45 to 100 mm. Column thicknesses are usually larger, ranging from 1 to 2 mm. It must have a thickness of 0.2 mm for metal tile because the load borne by the truss of the light steel roof is lighter than the lightweight steel frame on the column.