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How Should Managers Deal With Their Employees During The Pandemic?

The unique challenges of the pandemic cannot be explained in one simple sentence. So many of us were affected by the grave nature of the virus as well as the subsequent actions of the virus and its impact on society. Our economy went downhill and workplaces closed down and we were all forced into the safety of our homes. 

Staying at home and working from our home that is well sanitized, and prepped with Dr. Clo Malaysia, was the best for the sake of everyone. Despite it being the better choice, it truly wrecked our work life. The daily commutes are gone. Our manager and employee relationship took a little toll. And the productivity of many different businesses started to hit a new low. The impact of remote work took the biggest hit on managers who were trying to improve the productivity in the work environment and make it a supportive place for all of the employees. Working from home may be easy for some of us but for managers, it was anything but easy. Dealing with your employees when you are not able to properly oversee them and quantify their work, becomes a bigger hassle than one imagined. 

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So what should managers do to deal with their employees in a productive manner? 

Approach With Empathy 

As managers, we should be both empathetic and humane in our interactions. What we give, we truly receive. If you approach your employees with empathy, chances are, it will definitely improve their productivity and motivation to do so much better. With the pandemic, managers are not the only ones adjusting to a completely new spectrum and style of work. Employees are struggling to get their job done when doing remote work. It is important to approach each and every task with empathy. Our language should showcase thor needs and address them. When their needs are met and prioritized, your work as a manager also becomes a lot easier. 

Online Mentoring And Guidance 

Online mentorship should be given the chance that they are new to remote work and still figuring out the ropes. This includes advising them, giving them training, and directing them on how to use the software as well. Guidance, training, and mentorship foster an environment filled with education and learning. As employees learn more, they become better at their jobs. Which makes our jobs as managers even better. 

Use Of Productive Apps And Tracking Apps 

Not all of us can do magic without the proper aids and tools. This is why the internet is here to aid with their unlimited tool on project management, time tracking tasks, and reporting productivity levels. Such aids and tools can improve collaboration, team management, and friendliness among employees. The work environment becomes enjoyable and easy with the help of such tools. Some have used tools like Slack, Trello, and others for the purpose of improving efficiency. 

As managers and business owners, it is also important to be aware of the importance of mental health during the pandemic. Only assign your employees with work that you are confident that they can do. Provide them with assistance and support as they progress and flourish in your team.