August 18, 2021

What Customer-Centric Companies Do Differently Than Others

Customer interactions are not all about visiting them and greeting them at the storefront door. It is good manners to give them a smile but this will not seal and make a good customer experience for the customer. We cannot see such a customer coming back to the store. Bringing back customer loyalty and improving our relationship with customers is done through the extensive process of being customer-centric. Today we use the power of technologies such as SAP Concur Malaysia and organizational behavior training to improve the customer centrism we exhibit. 

Customer’s come naturally tend to form better relationships with companies that have customer centrism at all points. What does the customer-centric organization do differently from other typical organizations? What are the things that they focus on that we have completely missed? 

First of all customer-centric organizations always put their customer first. Every decision made, it involves how it will significantly change the life of their customer. Will it is good for them or will it be bad for them? Will it improve their life or provide zero to no value? A customer-centric company accounts for the customer in their decision whether they are choosing suppliers, or creating a layout for their marketing strategy. Even their social media is made with the type of customers they want to attract and be closer to. 

Customer-centric companies also hire other customer-centric employees. While most companies focus their energy on choosing the one with the 4.0 GPA, organizations that prioritize customers tend to look at how the employee can make a difference with their customers. This is a term for all the employees we hire and recruitment we make. Employees play a very significant role in how customers perceive you as a brand. The work of the employee is what brings fruition to our goals of being more customer-centric as well. 

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Employees also cannot be customer-centric without leaders who share the same mindset. Companies that want customer centrism in their work culture prefer to have leaders, managers, and whole upper management that exhibits empathy towards customers and push their employees to form more meaningful customer interactions. More importantly, they also formulate strategies to improve the employee’s work satisfaction by improving productivity in customer-centric culture. People who have higher customer interactions get raises, bonuses and compensations, and so on. 

The matter of becoming customer-centric is a matter of modifications to our motives and behavior. It takes time and patience before we can bring about long-term changes to the work culture. Leaders and CEOs must involve the best interest of their customers and their employees in the development of the company as this is the key to improving customer centrism. We can certainly take a lesson from major brands such as Apple and even fashion retailers such as H&M to understand the importance of being customer-centric and creating a culture as such. 

As we said, it may not be one day’s or one night’s work but rather months. Are you willing to put in the hard work of making your company customer-centric? …