July 5, 2021

Laser Machines

People used to manufacture things hand-made but as the technology grows, there are a lot of developments that have been made by the manufacturer. Instead of hand-carving everything, now people use machines to do it for them. That is why computer numerical control (CNC) machinery was invented. This is a manufacturing process that no longer uses manpower to move it but the complex machines have been programmed using computer software to control them. Cutting three-dimensional components used to be hard and time consuming but now it does not consume your time and energy anymore as the CNC machine accomplished the cutting task in a single set of prompts. Even though it is programmed by computer software, the button and levers still do need manual control to guide the machining tools.

Dying Art of Caseback Engraving A Collected Man London 5B copy 1 820x1024 - Laser Machines

Precision machining Johor shows that there are actually different types of CNC machines that has different purpose such as CNC Milling Machines to rotate cutting tools while the material is stationary, CNC Laser Machines to cut or engrave materials and CNC EDM is used to shape materials using electrical spark. Most of the machines are used to cut, shape and mould metals but there is one machine that does the accurate small cutting and that is the CNC laser machine.

Are you familiar with the word laser? As most people know, the word LASER is the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Which means, the metal plates or steel are being cut by light. Isn’t that amazing?

Cutting process of different types of metal plates will be easier and more accurate when using lasers than normal cutting using other CNC machines. Lasers can even make a teeny tiny hole on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium plate. It also consumes less time and energy because it has been pre-programmed in a computer system. But the downside of using a laser machine is it uses high power consumption as it requires a lot of heat. It also does not cut through thick metal and can be harmful to the human around because of the extreme heat of the laser.

CNC Laser Machine can contribute to the fashion industry especially when the logo of the brand is made from metal and needs to be engraved. Also, if you are planning to start a business and want your logo to be made using metal plates, you can always hire any manufacturer that specializes in metal cutting. Laser machines are also used in the medical field. There are different kinds of laser machines that mould resin and metal in three-dimensional shape. For the medical appliances they will usually use the resin printing machine. It is also commonly used in the dental field to print dental crowns, brackets and also teeth models. Metal 3D printing is usually used in moulding prosthetics, medical apparatus and instruments and implants.

Do you know what the other function of a laser machine is?

It’s printing. Yes, it may sound weird as why would a laser machine print? But it does print words or metal and non-metal materials. The letters on our keyboard are one of the examples of how fibre marking machine works.…