May 23, 2021

Hotel Or Airbnb – Which Wins

The most convenient way to settle down in accommodation during outbound is by booking a hotel room and hardly apart from that choice. The demands of Airbnb or simply put, homestays have been skyrocketing ever since them being a trend amongst tourists. By hook or by crook, their demands have significantly surpassed that of hotels. 

Hotel Airbnb - Hotel Or Airbnb - Which Wins

Why Choose Airbnb 

You Get To Make The Most Out Of Your Vacation With The Amount Of Facilities Incorporated

While you can experience just as adequately staying in a luxurious hotel, it is mentioned by regulars of Airbnb whereby staying in one during your vacation opens up more opportunity for a wholesome experience. Facilities of a certified Airbnb including but not limited to an adequately equipped kitchen, Netflix-subscribed television, a washing machine, bedrooms; basically, an entire unit that resembles a home. Imagine traveling to Europe and the chance to spend your time there as though you are staying in your own house. How wholesome is that? 

The opportunity to do so in hotels can be pretty restrictive due to its very nature; there might be a fridge for you to store your drinks in, yet you cannot find any kitchen equipment to prepare your own food with. Subsequently, you are forced to dine out which results in an increase in spendings. 


In addition to that, suppose you are going on an extended trip to Bandar Botanic/Bukit Tinggi, perhaps up to a few weeks or close to a month, Airbnb is your knight in shining armor in this precise case. You do not wish to spend your entire time doing your laundry and having your meals fixed outside, which if prolonged, can cost you an arm and a leg. Or if you frequent Bandar Botanic/Bukit Tinggi regularly for work reasons, you may want to consider purchasing a unit nearby. 


Other than that, Airbnb is comparatively spacious at least compared to a confined hotel room. If you are traveling with your entire family, rather than booking separate rooms for everyone, consider residing in an Airbnb where everyone gets to spend time together as a family at a place you can call a temporary home. Plus, the costs of both options are almost similar. So, you decide which one is better. 

Bottom Line 

Planning for a vacation can be pretty exhausting especially when you are obliged to take into account all the little details which if neglected, can leave a huge impact on the trip in general. With that being said, staying in hotels comes with its own benefits as well, thus leaving you with options to choose between two. If you are on a voyage, you might as well just go for an Airbnb to utilize the available facilities.…