March 12, 2021

Why you need to turn off your social media

Today we are in the era of social media 3.0. This is the age of social media for content-addicted youth. While we used to use social media as a means to talk to one another, today’s social media is used for crazy five minutes of fame, meme cycles, and sharing gifs, generating passive income and the home to the best social media and marketing services in KL. Social media provides immense opportunities to thrive when used right. While one part of social media is heartwarming and wholesome, we are only a step away from being consumed into the dark, negative side effects of being over-exposed to content. 

Social media add - Why you need to turn off your social media

 In today’s world, it seems to be impossible to stay unplugged from social media. But to stay unplugged is a much-needed vacation for most of us. Let me remind you of the negative side effects of using social media for prolonged periods of time and the importance of staying unplugged. 

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out 

Welcome to FOMO, a newly developed term as a result of the frenzy that is social media. Much of today Gen Z and Gen Y suffer from this phenomenon. Especially Gen Z who was born into the world of social media finds it exceptionally hard to tear themself away from social media as they fear being left out and missing out on new trends. This phenomenon pulls us constantly into the usage of social media with no proper escape. 

Increased Number Of Mental Illness Associated With Social Media Use 

Over the years major studies have shown a great correlation between depression, anxiety, and social media use. The suicide rate of the youth also has increased with the progression of social media. While it is important to note that these figures were merely correlated, they certainly do not indicate causation. However, the conclusion of social media playing a role in depression and anxiety is far from the truth. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania showed that social media use increases the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Being plugged into social media does not cause us to ease our loneliness but rather it causes a deprivation of emotional needs being met. The effect of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety caused by social media can all lead to symptoms of depression in the individual. 

Detrimental To Self Esteem And Confidence

Social media constantly glamorizes simple everyday lives. We live to see the glamorous houses, jobs, and relationships of other people. This increases the opportunities for a person to feel more insecure about their own situation despite having a content life. The feeling of inadequacies increases as people continue to compare themselves to one another based on social media life. 

Increased Cybercriminal Activity 

The increased use of social media also means an increased number of crimes on social media. Cybercrimes include sexual harassment, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking. All of these activities have major detrimental effects on individual wellbeing. The increase in Cyber Crimes has also made people incredibly insensitive towards the crimes as well. When we see negative comments, we tend to ignore them as we are constantly bombarded by them.  Negative comments and death threats that can be considered cyberbullying is being considered normal and a part of social media. Whether it is normal or not, it can be extremely damaging to the individual at the receiving end of the attacks and bullying.  

We all understand that social media is far from reality. However, despite the fabrication, we are still profoundly impacted by social media use. The purpose of an unplugged period from social media is to make sure we take care of ourselves and continuously check in with our emotions. It is important to take these breaks often and go back to the reality of the world. Social media is only meant to be a healthy distraction, not an addictive disease. 
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