March 2021

Top 5 Things To Do In Malaysia

Travelling is good for the soul. When you travel around the globe, you will be able to meet and find a lot of people from different places and backgrounds. When you get to see how they conduct their lives on a daily basis, you can get more inspiration from the differences you and they have. Also, the world is just too amazing for you to just sit at your home country and do the same thing over and over again. Travelling opens your eyes and feeds the souls. There are so many places that are worth experiencing across the country. Travelling can be even more fun when you have someone who is a kindred spirit going together. Getting to share the phenomenal occurrences in different countries is a beautiful memory. While travelling to European countries can somehow cost you a fortune, you should flip the map and find Malaysia. With an affordable travel package, you can experience the best moments of your life here. Here are top 5 things you should definitely go with your loved ones once you land in Malaysia. 

5 1024x684 - Top 5 Things To Do In Malaysia

Penang Food

Located in the northwest coast of Malaysian Peninsular, Penang is divided into two; Penang Island and Seberang Perai. When you want to commute between these two places, you will be presented with a huge and iconic Penang bridge that oversees the whole fantastic Penang scenery. Penang, apart from its historical buildings, the influence of cultural richness can be seen at their various types of food. One of the best foods you should definitely try in Penang is Nasi Kandar. There are so many stalls and restaurants that sell Nasi Kandar and most of the time, all of them taste the bomb. The other food you should give it a try are the Cendol, Char Kway Teow, Pasembur and many more.

Sabah Islands

Sabah is a state where almost every place is a tourist attraction. Sabah is known to be called as ‘Land Below The Wind’ due to its state that has never undergone any typhoons. Sabah has a lot of naturally conserved islands. From Semporna, Sipadan, Layang-layang, Mabul and many other hotspots for scuba diving are at Borneo. These islands have the best sunset view that you surely do not want to miss out. The underwater world is impressive due to the security, close inspection and conservation of their islands. You can enjoy scuba diving freely with the fish at Sabah by purchasing the pass at diving packages malaysia

Melaka Histories

Melaka is infamous for its colonial buildings that they have carefully preserved over the years. When you step into this state, you will feel as if you are taken to time travel to the olden days. That is how the original Melaka city feels like. The apparent past time during Dutch colonial era is seen in the church buildings and the Stadthuys neighborhood that catches everyone’s attention when they are there. Originally painted in white, the building then was transformed to red by the mid-19th century. 

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Buy all your fresh fruit online at the OnGrocer Vegetables Malaysia

Maintaining a healthy diet containing lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can be difficult in today’s fast-paced world. After a long day at the office, it can be easy to indulge in taking out or quick meals rather than heading to the grocery store for healthy fruits and vegetables. As everyone knows, these fruits and vegetables are essential for long-term health and fitness. If your busy schedule makes grocery shopping difficult, try vegetable same-day delivery Kuala Lumpur service. 

When you shop for fruit online at, you get the healthy choices your family needs from the comfort of your own home. OnGrocer Vegetables Malaysia also offers its fruits online at the same low daily prices you would expect for all of our products. Everyone knows the frustration of taking a trip to the supermarket just to find that the only item you need is out of stock. When you shop for fruit onlineOnGrocer, you can see exactly what’s in stock without leaving home.

Incorporate fresh fruit into your next drink or meal

With OnGrocer, you can search for fruits by name or sort them by categories, such as apples, berries, citrus fruits, pears, grapes, and melons. Shopping for fruit online is a great way to stock up on easy home snacks and fuel up on the go. Try apple slices with peanut butter and a hint of cinnamon for a quick and tasty dinner or bring a sandwich bag with a bunch of grapes to work and forget about your afternoon visit to the vending machine. Tropical fruits, like mango, papaya, and guava, are also a light and refreshing dessert topped with yogurt or a whipped topping.

Order in line. Choose the Pickup option at checkout

If you plan to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, keeping your kitchen stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables is essential. From pineapples to butternut squash, OnGrocer makes it easy to find all the fruits and vegetables you need without wasting a moment of the day. Just choose the items you need, add them to your virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You have the option of picking up your items at the online vegetables Malaysia store of your choice or having them delivered directly to your home. 

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Why you need to turn off your social media

Today we are in the era of social media 3.0. This is the age of social media for content-addicted youth. While we used to use social media as a means to talk to one another, today’s social media is used for crazy five minutes of fame, meme cycles, and sharing gifs, generating passive income and the home to the best social media and marketing services in KL. Social media provides immense opportunities to thrive when used right. While one part of social media is heartwarming and wholesome, we are only a step away from being consumed into the dark, negative side effects of being over-exposed to content. 

Social media add - Why you need to turn off your social media

 In today’s world, it seems to be impossible to stay unplugged from social media. But to stay unplugged is a much-needed vacation for most of us. Let me remind you of the negative side effects of using social media for prolonged periods of time and the importance of staying unplugged. 

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out 

Welcome to FOMO, a newly developed term as a result of the frenzy that is social media. Much of today Gen Z and Gen Y suffer from this phenomenon. Especially Gen Z who was born into the world of social media finds it exceptionally hard to tear themself away from social media as they fear being left out and missing out on new trends. This phenomenon pulls us constantly into the usage of social media with no proper escape. 

Increased Number Of Mental Illness Associated With Social Media Use 

Over the years major studies have shown a great correlation between depression, anxiety, and social media use. The suicide rate of the youth also has increased with the progression of social media. While it is important to note that these figures were merely correlated, they certainly do not indicate causation. However, the conclusion of social media playing a role in depression and anxiety is far from the truth. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania showed that social media use increases the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Being plugged into social media does not cause us to ease our loneliness but rather it causes a deprivation of emotional needs being met. The effect of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety caused by social media can all lead to symptoms of depression in the individual. 

Detrimental To Self Esteem And Confidence

Social media constantly glamorizes simple everyday lives. We live to see the glamorous houses, jobs, and relationships of other people. This increases the opportunities for a person to feel more insecure about their own situation despite having a content life. The feeling of inadequacies increases as people continue to compare themselves to one another based on social media life. 

Increased Cybercriminal Activity 

The increased use of social media also means an increased number of crimes on social media. Cybercrimes include sexual harassment, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking. All of these activities have major detrimental effects on individual wellbeing. The increase in Cyber Crimes has also made people incredibly insensitive towards the crimes as well. When we see negative comments, we tend to ignore them as we are constantly bombarded by them.  Negative comments and death threats that can be considered cyberbullying is being considered normal and a part of social media. Whether it is normal or not, it can be extremely damaging to the individual at the receiving end of the attacks and bullying.  

We all understand that social media is far from reality. However, despite the fabrication, we are still profoundly impacted by social media use. The purpose of an unplugged period from social media is to make sure we take care of ourselves and continuously check in with our emotions. It is important to take these breaks often and go back to the reality of the world. Social media is only meant to be a healthy distraction, not an addictive disease. 
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How To Save And Invest When Making 48K A Year

Are you a median income earner? You are probably what the Japanese call a salaryman. It means you work for your salary. It’s not wrong to do that but many believe that if you work as an employee, you can’t build wealth. That’s not exactly the truth. When you earn 48k a year, you’ll have a tough time enough building wealth but with a disciplined lifestyle and a strict budget, you can do it and if you’re planning on getting married and have a family, this plan is still applicable and you should be able to build your personal wealth while building you life.

106325015 1578424102380gettyimages 975814434 - How To Save And Invest When Making 48K A Year

First of all you need to find a cheap place to stay. If you’re working in a bustling city area, we’ll advise you to look for a place where you can share your space with other people. Even better, if you can rent the home and give out the rooms and charge people more. This way you can get them to cover your portion of the rent. If you earn 4k a month, you can simply use around 500-600 for your portion of the rent and utilities. You should spend around RM 200-300 a month on your food and maybe an extra 100-200 on your transportation. If you’re living in the city, you should skip on leasing a car or even getting one. Public transportation will get you anywhere.

Next, you can even invest your money in a forex platform Malaysia . Money invested here will never lose value if you know how to invest. You can also set aside around 1300 for your investment and savings. 1000 for investments is a great place to be at and it will allow you to have some stability financially. By investing it might put you higher on the tax bracket. To avoid getting taxed more, you can contribute more to your EPF and even make a private retirement fund in any foundations. This would allow you to reap the benefits of your earnings when you’re older. You can also invest your money in mutual funds to get 8-10 percent returns each year. Imagine if you invested 1000 every month, you’ll have 12,000 in that year. A 10% return would mean you will get 1200 a year by just putting your money in mutual funds.

There is also a high probability that you will increase your income when you go older and climb up the ranks. If you plan on having a family, you should set some money aside early on for your potential expenses. If you’re buying a home, get a loan from an Islamic bank for low rates. You can also pay a bigger down payment and avoid paying more for the interests. If you’re thinking about having a child or two, think about the potential costs and how you can reduce your costs. You can buy neutral clothing so that both of you children can wear them as children outgrow their clothing very quickly. Children’s clothing is also very expensive so you can actually cut costs with this idea.

Now that we’ve shared some ways how you can maximise your 48k a year income. It might not be easy with inflation and all but you could take the advantage of the market while its still low. We hope you make it big with these tips and tricks.

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Good Morning Habits For Everyone

Our actions have consequences. 

Small changes in life can have the biggest impact on our performance, efficiency, and productivity. The effort we put into manifesting a good routine is visible in our successful work and efficiency throughout the day. We glow differently when we have our priorities in order. Prioritizing your colleague’s well-being and spending time together until 3 AM in the morning, does not point to a productive morning. 

What differentiates the successful MLM software Malaysia owner from a lazy employee is their habits. So what are some effective habits that must be implemented in a successful person’s daily morning routine? 

Good morning habits can a long way in your life. It will lead to a better version of yourself, that you wish you had uncovered earlier. 

But better late than never! Start with these well-researched habits to start up your morning. 

bruce mars wBuPCQiweuA unsplash 1024x809 - Good Morning Habits For Everyone
  • Waking Up Early 

Early does not mean you wake up after three hours of sleep after a late night. Early mornings are beneficial when you follow a consistent routine of sleeping and waking up at the same time every day. Having a regular sleeping pattern and being an early riser will change your entire life.

Being an early riser means you get more done in the day than any other person. (Ask an Asian mom who is up as early as 6 AM) You are more organized and you can get your things done in an orderly manner.  You can even schedule a time to squeeze in a relaxing time period of Netflix when you learn to wake up early. 

In addition to waking up being early, getting your regular and consistent amount of sleep also means a lot for your health and efficiency. Research suggests that people who get a sufficient and regular amount of sleep are more focused, sharp, and much more productive in the morning. An improved performance quality will incredibly step up both your studies and your work.

  • Exercise As The First Thing In The Morning 

Some love exercise. Some incredibly dread it. But exercising early in the morning can be done in any form. A five-minute walk around your neighborhood is also good enough for some light activity. Maybe an active dance session as the first thing in the morning will get your heart and blood pumped and ready for the busy day ahead. 

  • A Hearty Breakfast Every Morning

Breakfast is crucial. 

There is no way around a good hearty breakfast. People who have breakfast are more likely to be active and ready for a busy day. Having breakfast affects your performance, your cognitive functions, and even your weight maintenance, gain or loss journey. 

Also, who said breakfast has to be boring? Get an array of breakfast options stocked up in your pantry. Get your favorite pancake mix or fruit selection to go with the high fibrous oatmeal. Maybe even invest in stocking your entire pantry with the best honey glazed cereal and choco puffs and milk. If you are in a hurry replace your breakfast with a protein-filled smoothie with your favorite berries. A favorite for many is mixing blueberries and bananas along with some mangoes to make a delicious smoothie. Add a dash of protein scoop of peanut butter to fill you up until Lunch!

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Why It Took You a Lot of Time Disposing Your Property

Do you need to move because of work for good and this is why you are not looking for a place to rent or buy once your place will be sold? Well, if you are about to settle in Malaysia, you are in for a luck as there are so many options when it comes to what you are looking for. In fact, some of the most recommended are the house for rent segambut, Puchong Utama house for sale, Puchong new condo and still a lot more. You should check on them right away as somebody might beat you to it!

classy and stylish terrace house designs in malaysia - Why It Took You a Lot of Time Disposing Your Property

Are you wondering why it took you a long time to sell your property? It could be because of the following reasons:

  • It could be that in your subconscious, you are not really ready to part with your home since it means parting with the memories as well. Maybe you really did not list your property, or you don’t check your mails. It could be that when your phone rings, you don’t pick right away. 
  • Maybe you show your property to some interested buyers with all your cluttered things. You see, if you want to sell your home, you should make sure the property is in its best picture and there are no clutters. You should start packing your things so they cannot get in the way of prospective buyers. 
  • Your place is a mess. As mentioned above, if you want buyers to love your home, you should help them do that. It should be in the best condition and most of all, it should be perfectly clean. Yes, perfectly clean and since this is quite important, you can hire professional cleaners if you think you can’t do it. 
  • You made sure that you will be during the showing. You might think that it is for the benefit of the buyer, but that is not the case really. You will just make them uncomfortable since they will be digging everywhere. They will want to open cabinets and other areas and they will feel like they are being rude if you are there, being you own what they are about to check. So, it would be better if you won’t be there. 
  • The thing when you are selling a property is you will try to ensure that it will appeal to the buyers. Thus, if they are about to check out your home, you have to make sure that the windows are open so the sunlight can come in and can add to the plus points of the property. This will illuminate your place in a natural way, which is what most homebuyers prefer to save energy. 

Yes, while it is normal to not easily sell the property at some point, but if you think you are having a hard time compared to the others, you should start thinking that maybe, there is something you have not done or you have overdone things. 

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