January 2021

Ways To Market Your Business

business 2 - Ways To Market Your Business

Nowadays, many business owners have started to take a lot of initiatives to market their business. It is very important for them to keep up with the trends and make sure their business is getting enough attention, especially during this global pandemic. Other than running their business, successful business owners, especially the entrepreneurs will create a class or seminar sharing ways they have done to help their business, and with that sharing information, they can also receive a lot more payments. Well, in fact, the ways they share are the only typical ways you can find here and can be done on your own with good strategies and strong determinations. 

One of the first ways to market your business is by hiring the right people to create a website for your business. The website was like the earliest way of doing digital marketing and it never stopped existing, and also still relevant until now. Many successful businesses would have websites for their business on products or even services to make sure people are aware of their businesses’ existence. There are many website developers you can find around Malaysia, including website design company Penang that also offers the best service as well that can create traffic and attract more customers to your business. 

Besides that, you can also get social media developer for your company. Social media is what everyone nowadays. You can get the latest trends, latest news, viral videos, inspirations, and etc. Thus, with your business being on social media, is like being of the top food markets surrounded by hungry people. With the right engagement, your company profile can be seen on Instagram explore by anyone. Not to forget, if your products or services have the right thing on what people need or want, they will directly go to your company profile, and before you know it, engagement happens. 

Last but not least, you might want to consider the traditional methods of marketing. The reason why people no longer use traditional methods of marketing because it is a bit pricey and you can only advertise in certain local areas depending on how much money you are willing to spend, of course. The traditional methods of marketing include magazine publishing or newspapers. There are also flyers where you would randomly hand over to people. Other than that, you can always try advertising on television. For example, a short advertisement between shows. 

In conclusion, there are definitely many ways that you can think more about ways to market your business. Depending on your target market as well, these platforms require a lot of strategy planning and considerations. You do not want to spend your money just for nothing and not knowing why your strategies did not work. You have to make sure you are smart enough or you can also hire an advisor for your company or you can also ask your accounting people because all the expenses will be handled by them. Therefore I think they can give their best opinions regarding this by knowing how to invest. 

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Getting Married Affordably

Getting married is expected to cost a lot of money these days. In fact, this is the reason why most couples would rather delay their vows until such time when they already have enough to hold a grand wedding. 

However if you really want to get married, you still do can with careful planning as there are malay wedding packages that you can avail (find out more on malay wedding packages here). Of course, you can still use a good amount of money but with strategic planning, you might be able to cut down the cost. 

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How to plan for a marriage on budget

Wedding Venue

Most of the time, the wedding venue will take a lot of your wedding budget. However, if you will choose not to do your vows on a Saturday and choose a venue outside the city limits, you might be able to find a facility with lesser rent. All you need to do is just to be resourceful and creative. There are always other cheaper alternatives that maybe you are not just aware of. 

Food and Drinks

One of the most effective ways to cut down the cost of foods and drinks is to provide your own. You can ask your close friends and relatives to help in the preparations. As much as possible, you should avoid in overextending yourself with the complex fare. 

If by chance providing your own is not applicable in your situation, you can choose to have heavy appetizers instead of sit-down meals. This will also do the trick. 

Another thing, you can look for a venue that will allow you to bring drinks such as wine and beer. 

Wedding Documentation

Of course, you should not skip this part as wedding immortalization is already a constant part of the event. However, you need not choose a well-known photographer in your area as for sure, you will be charged heavily. Instead, you can hire a newbie or maybe, one who is only a sideline photographer. You can also ask a relative to help you do this as today, photography is not as hard to do like before as there are so many tutorials online. One can easily do this if they have the hardware. 

Background Music

Hiring a band or a professional singer can be really expensive. This is why if you know a friend or a relative that can do this job flawlessly, you can ask him instead. In fact, there are those who will be willing to do this as their gift instead!

Wedding Decoration

If you will not watch out, this can easily bring you out of your budget. However, there are also a lot of ways to save on this. All you need is to be resourceful and creative as for sure, you can still make your venue elegant with more affordable resources. 

It is all about planning meticulously. Your wedding does not have to be shabby just because you are on a budget. You can plan strategically and can still have a grand one. Anyway, the important thing is you will enjoy your big day!

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Common Mistakes In Game Development

Game is one of the leading entertainments that the current generation enjoys. Youngsters now are really interested in games, no matter if it’s old or new, and many game developers use this as an advantage to develop more exciting games. With technology advancement, games can be played in various ways. Game console is the most popular out of all because it is compact and convenient. A lot of people have video game consoles in their homes, it is a way to pass time with your family. You can also play games on your mobile phone nowadays and even on your laptop. Game developers have expanded the world of games where before, we thought certain games were impossible but combined with today’s technology and developers’ innovation, all of that is possible now. However, game developing is not an easy feat. People tend to make mistakes; especially amateur developers and this article would list three common mistakes done by these amateur developers. 

gamedevv 1024x684 - Common Mistakes In Game Development

1 – Exclude public’s opinion

First, when you develop a game, you would need active audiences that would try out your game. Then, you would need to gather as much feedback as possible from those active audiences because it will help you tremendously in improving some features in your game. Having a clear target audience, knowing the popular trends and researching about the targeted audience’s likes and dislikes will help you make a better decision on the path of your game. It is most important that you enjoy the game you are creating because if the developer is not enjoying the game, how can the audience? Through your audience’s opinion, you can improve your game even better and your work will flourish.  

2 – Code misconduct

It is essential for game developers to manage their code from the very beginning of the project. Writing neat and specific code will help further into the project. The common mistake is that game developers would write one big codebase that is filled with numerous classes but eventually they will have to perform hotfixes later with the threat of destroying all of the code in the game. The better solution is to simply write individual scripts that function on different areas of the game. This is so that if you would need to make changes in the future, it would not affect other games areas. Additionally, game developers should familiarize themselves with source control. It is the act of backing up and handling all code that they are using in the code. Through this method, you can keep track of the stages of your game development. 

3 – Dearth in planning 

It is true that a few game developers improvise some of the small parts while developing games and that is considered common in small projects. However, when you go into a big project of developing a game, it is much better to have a clear planning of how the process should go. By having a plan from the start, you can manage the scope and the progress of that game development. It will show you the big picture of it and if needed you can let go of some or add some later, well into the development process. Without planning, it would be chaotic, and you will lose some ideas along the way.

These mistakes are quite common, but you should not give up because these are fixable mistakes. Perseverance is the key to develop amazing games and you would need to keep believing in yourself until the end. Being a game developer in Malaysia is not easy but it is not impossible. 

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