September 6, 2020

Paint your House Before Selling to Gain Great ROI

Factors to Consider When Painting Your House Featured Image - Paint your House Before Selling to Gain Great ROI

Whether you are a real estate investor or a normal person who wants to sell your house then the best way to increase its value in the property market without spending too much on renovations and redecoration is by painting the walls. Almost everyone will agree with this notion that by painting the walls of the house one can instantly improve the overall look of the house. It is not only the most cost-effective way but is also the simplest way to increase the value of one’s house in the property market. According to the study, if one paints the interior of his house, he can earn up to 107% on the rent on investment (ROI), and if one paints the exterior of the house then he can earn up to 55% rent on investment (ROI). 

The chances of getting high returns by selling your house increase with a fresh coat of paint as it is the very first thing buyers usually notice. Painting your walls does not only mean choosing a color. Various techniques such as sheens and additives can greatly impact the overall picture of your paint. Choosing the right paint will determine the impact of how the paint pops up, how easily walls of the house can be cleaned, and other factors. Down below in this article, we have a few suggestions that can greatly change the look of your house. 

  • If you are painting the walls in your bathroom, you should use semi-gloss glitter. In the bathroom, the humidity percentage is high and the semi-gloss gloss will do a good job of controlling humidity.
  • If you have a wide wall or slightly uneven walls, you should choose the eggshell or the flat sheen. Eggshell and flat glitter are good for hiding unevenness in the walls compared to other types of sheens. Defoamers or Anti-foaming agents also remove the foam and even flawless coatings to hide wall irregularities.
  • Cleaning your doors and trim isn’t easy, but picking the right sheen could be a snap for you. Choose semi-gloss for doors and trim, as this will make the cleaning procedure easier.
  • It would be wise to choose semi-gloss and satin coats as they are best for stain resistance and increase the durability of the paint. The acrylic emulsion can also be used to improve resistance to fungi or algae, washability, and abrasion resistance.
  • Methylcellulose protects grouts and paints from excessive dryness resulting in a long lifetime. It also promotes paint pigments smoothness and consistency and enhances the adherence of milk paint. This will increase the overall quality of the paint. 

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