November 21, 2019

How You can be Infected with Hep C

How You can be Infected with Hep C

Hep C is one of the three types if Hepatitis. This is the most contagious and in fact, it is estimated that about 7.1 million people have this in their system. This is a kind of disease that cause inflammation and infection in the liver.
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How can you get infected with hepatitis C?

1. Organ transplants
2. Blood transfusions
3. Sharing personal items like razors, toothbrushes and more
4. Sharing needles
5. Inborn – it means the mother is already infected
6. Sexual if by chance, blood is exchanged

This might be contagious though, but this will only spread through blood to blood contact. It is important that you seek help right away once you have a suspicion that you have the disease. This way he will start some tests right away. Note that there is no vaccine for this disease, though until now, they are still trying to do something about this.

Hepatitis is just one of the many diseases that can threaten your liver functions. You might not be able to evade all of them, but this does not mean, you won’t do anything to ensure the health of your liver. Thus, get the right medicine for liver cirrhosis in Malaysia to ensure your liver is good to go.…